About us



Welcome to our website .

We are family plantation growers specializing in american blueberries.

Our plantation was set up in year 2003 on area of 3 hectars. It lays among forest what assures her convinent conditions of growth approximate to natural.

Basic change grown on our plantation is BLUECROP. Remaining changes are: Earlyblue, Patriot, Sierra, Nelson i Draper.

From year 2007 we are members of Manufacturers' Association American Blueberry, thanks what we got the possibility to gain experience from other growers as well as access to huge knowledge connected with how to grow blueberries.

We possess necessary infrastructure indispensable to produce of high quality of fruit American blueberry, such how the system of irrigation, sorting as well as the cooling refrigerators adapted to storing the American blueberry's fruit.

Our plantation got the GLOBALGAP certifikate in year 2010 which confirms the high uality of our fruits.